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InHabit delivers relevant interactive content (ƒactives™) to any article instantly — enhancing your editorial factually and functionally, boosting user-interaction and session duration.


Arkadium's interactive data visualization that amplifies human editorial with artificial intelligence, boosting user interaction and session duration.

Here's how it works:

Sports Editorial

Entertainment Editorial

Finance Editorial

We've designed our sports ƒactives™ to break their own news, by highlighting the most interesting data - as predetermined by a human sports editor. If a water­cooler-worthy statistic comes out of last night's game, and it's contextually relevant, it'll be included in a ƒactive™ and embedded to your article, automatically.

Whether you’re writing about the most popular stars or that week’s blockbuster film, each entertainment ƒactive™ will amplify your editorial message. Using the world's largest entertainment database, InHabit embeds fascinating ƒactives™ that give users the insight they crave and meaningfully increasing the metrics that matter.

Our finance ƒactives™ are informative, brand safe, and completely native in appearance. From stock performance to corporate valuations, InHabit delivers contextually relevant ƒactives™ to your articles, giving your readers a premium experience with even more insight into the financial news of the moment.

Advertising Opportunities

Drive brand awareness and enjoy unprecedented audience engagement through integrated ƒactive™ experiences.

Dynamic Editorial is the Future

Imagine if your articles could get smarter, all on their own. And if users stayed on your page twice as long as their usual visit. Imagine if you could tailor your users' experiences to build on the metrics that mean most to you.

InHabit delivers all of these things.
Increase in Time on Site
Up to 39%
Click-through Rates
ƒactives™ Completed per Session

Powerful Technology, No Additional Resources Needed

InHabit pulls millions of data points from thousands of verified sources. Our human news editors set content parameters and do all the writing — leaving InHabit's AI to instantly create an infinite number of premium ƒactives™. Only those that align editorially are added to your articles, delivering immediate results.

Most importantly, InHabit doesn't require a team of editors, graphic designers or programmers: implementation is managed with just a single line of code.

Publishers understand better than anyone the value of an active, engaged user base.

InHabit delivers attention metrics that matter to you, from day one.

Learn more today... or, wait and see if this online thing works itself out.